Rumors of War/ Rabbits

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Well, as I sit here drinking a delicious orange Fanta (glass bottle, mmmm) everyone is talking war. The Rwandan president yesterday threatened to invade eastern Congo and take care of those pesky Hutu genocidaires in the hills once and for all. Here’s an article from the Guardian and here’s one from Reuters. Nothing here is ever as it seems on the surface, of course, and no one I trust is especially concerned (for now)– it’s probably just another bit of posturing and jostling for mining, money, and power. I heard BJ just now promising Freddy (the legless ex-boxer who heads up security at the DOCS compound) that he will defend his country, the Congo, against all foreign agression. Which made Freddy smile through his Ray-Bans.

Please remember that for us mzungus, war is just a hassle that will send us packing to the Kigali airport a little sooner than planned. Nothing life-threatening.

In other news for the past two days it’s been widows, widows, widows! Today we were shown how at one widows’ compound, they take their rabbits into their bedrooms at night to prevent theft. Their request: beds so they don’t have to sleep on the floor with the rabbits.

Tiny baby rabbits eating cut grass next to a woven sleeping mat.

Also spent some time with Basara, an agronomist and a most genial man, at his farm outside of town. He grows seedlings for the needy and also produce. Ate passion fruit off the vine and chewed some medicinal herbs. Beautiful weather.

German journalist arrived for dinner. Grrrrrr.

Goma has advantages: carton of cigarettes (Sportsman brand) for five dollars. Buy some peanut brittle from a widow for a dollar, receive sung praise and ululation. Plus, we had a turkey for thanksgiving (it was running around the yard the day before) and Kitsa was able to mimic perfect stuffing, lord knows how. Also, it’s the one day when the charity-drive cranberry jelly from America which no one ever eats actually gets eaten. Happy holidays.

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November 26th, 2004 at 1:04 pm

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