Ain’t no Party like an NGO party

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I went to my first NGO party on Saturday night. It was at the Doctors Without Borders compound, and I was surprised to find a bunch of euro-kids, beer, and Snoop MP3s. Sigh. Single man Nelson chatted with a lovely Sweedish midwife and I talked with a fat man who works at AirServ, a transport service. Some French girl, when I told her how cool and weird it was to see all this beer and dancing in the middle of a disaster zone, said “you really should have been in Afghanistan during the war. The parties were amazing.” Doctors Without Borders: heal the children, get crunked up.

On Sunday we went for a drive out in the country and visited those donkeys.

We only have a month left here, and time is starting to seem short for everything we are trying to pull off. I’m to star in a short film by our friend Horeb titled “Prejudice” about a white man who becomes suspicious of his Congolese wife… can’t wait to bring a copy of that one home.

Otherwise the only thing that happened of note was when me and Nelson tried to go to the soccer game, only to be apprehended by some drunken cops. “Chou Chou”, the ranking officer, said our insurance was expired and couldn’t we buy her and her friends some beer? Instead she hopped in the Pajero and we drove to DOCS, where Dr. Jo was able to charm her by pointing out that she was wearing lipstick instead of eyeliner. So we got to keep our ten bucks.

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November 8th, 2004 at 11:31 am

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