For the fashionistas

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Kabul home of fashion…

Written by louis

August 27th, 2008 at 11:32 pm

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  1. A drag-queen mannequin? In Kabul? No way!


    27 Aug 08 at 23:55

  2. It’s a pity and chalk it up to globalization…twentysomethings aspire to the same cultural styles around the world…When I was you age in times of hippiedom, Kabul and Katmandou were the exotic places that provided new stylish elements to set us apart..

    Lenny Abelman

    28 Aug 08 at 05:52

  3. well, finally something for me. i was beginning to get a bit bored booby. no seriously, i just got back from vegas and read all of your posts. it’s completely captivating. whether you’re picnic-ing or negotiating tribal peace treaties, your mere presence there as a writer and image-maker is brave, deeply important and totally inspiring. keep writing, keep shooting and BE THERE as fully as you can possibly be there. can’t wait to maybe BE THERE with you one day!


    28 Aug 08 at 14:15

  4. Afganistan’s first street photog!? look out Satorlist!


    28 Aug 08 at 20:25

  5. Closing in on the wind up of your visit….Don’t worry if you feel that you haven’t done everything there is to do,,,,remember, there will be a next time…and the birdcage looms ahead….
    See you on Sunday!

    Lenny Abelman

    29 Aug 08 at 06:51

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