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I will admit to feeling depressed at how much better I am at tourism and picnics than journalism, aka telling stories with verifiable facts. Or filmmaking, aka mastering the technical bedevilments of cameras under the pressure of dust storms and chaotic environments to capture good footage with a steady hand. Or photography. Or writing. Maybe I’m trying to do too much at once, when really I just like to chill in the Afghan style and watch the stand up comedy competition on Tolo TV.

Yet there is too much that is too serious here for me to be entirely comfortable being my flaneur self. So I go try to visit hospitals and refugee camps and “get a story” but I’m not really too solid on all the details, so things slip and I return to being a tourist, except I’m a disaster tourist.

Prosthetics at an Orthopedic center

Prosthetics at an Orthopedic center

Children from Helmand, refugees in Kabul

Children from Helmand, refugees in Kabul

I’m sure I’ll get it down at some point.

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August 26th, 2008 at 7:19 pm

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  1. i think you’re already getting it down. be safe!


    26 Aug 08 at 20:33

  2. Don’t start doubting yourself now, buddy. I think you’re getting on along much better than you give yourself credit for. Miss you.


    26 Aug 08 at 21:56

  3. We are in the middle of our first rain storm -tornado-warning in 8 months [sheriff has his sirene blowing] I feel so relieve to see the rain after months of drought, and I feel for those kids in a filthy ditch,no garden ,no park.. We are so spoiled.. the crisis in the world is not the #$#$ oil but water..Tell us how we can help. MC

  4. Listen…the occasional bouts you have runs in the genes…but it is a manageable curse. I wake up every morning down on myself at how little positive I have do and how little I have accomplished given all of the opportunities before me…But those feelings fade when the wonder of it all appears and you have new opportunities…You knew it would be like this….Just chew on a little at a time and your humour and judgment will carry you on to the next bout..

    Lenny Abelman

    27 Aug 08 at 07:16

  5. The prosthetic image is amazing. Keep at it. No more self-doubt just shoot.

    James Ryang

    27 Aug 08 at 11:17

  6. I think my country (Brazil) jumped up on some steps, on the “economical stairway” (if I can call like that), but it is a pity that pictures like the one you took with those kids and that filthy water are still very common and real all around here and the whole South America. It makes us feel bad and impotent because there is no war here, but plenty of bad polititians and “burocracia”. But I still have hope!


    29 Aug 08 at 06:22

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