Security Update 3.16

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Since the last update, there have been many incidents, rumors, waves of paranoia, dread, elation, and other drops on the emotional roller coaster. What there have not been, either from the international press, the Revolutionary authorities, or the Qadaffi regime, are many hard and verifiable facts.

From my position, much of what is being reported is worded in a fashion that is either misleading or overblown.

I can mention as some bit of reassurance that all the professional security consultants that are within our reach do not seem concerned at all that Benghazi will fall to Qadaffi, for 36 hours at the very least (and that was a worst case scenario). Benghazi is safe, for now. It is neither “under siege” or about to be, by all eyewitness reports that I have heard today.

I believe that our exit is quite close at hand, however, as we are fast approaching the threshold of sensible cost/benefit analysis that I set for myself mentally. What’s difficult is that at the very moment when Brian has pulled a team together and they are starting to fire on all cylinders, I am pulling him to leave. The young men and women on the team are just starting to put out some amazing material. And since the pool of global media is smaller on the ground, opportunities for us are growing.

That said, I reaffirm that our ride into Egypt is on call 24 hours and we are ready to go.

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March 16th, 2011 at 8:08 pm

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  1. Use your best judgment, but don’t be the last one out…We are more and more worried about your safety…Don’t wait for the tanks to be coming down the street..Please..
    Love you.

    Lenny Abelman

    16 Mar 11 at 20:29

  2. I agree with Mr. Abelman. It’s perhaps better at this stage to be able to come home safely.


    16 Mar 11 at 20:43

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