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Since a lot of people seem to be wondering, I just wanted to give an update about our situation. Currently I’m in the hotel where we’ve been staying in Benghazi along with much of the international press. The news for the past few days has been bad for the revolution, which has fallen back from a few key towns and is now defending Ajdabiya, a city that lies at the crossroads of the highway that leads north to Benghazi and east to Tobruk and the Egyptian border. The concern from our standpoint is that Qadaffi’s forces will break through and either attack Benghazi directly, or cut across to Tobruk and seal off our escape route to Egypt. In that case we would need to get on a boat organized to evacuate internationals, not an enticing scenario.

We are obviously closely monitoring the situation and are ready to leave at a moment’s notice. We feel that the efforts we’ve made so far would be lost if we aren’t able to finish a few more things. Despite the sense of crisis, our exit routes are still assured and all we are able to confirm is that Ajdabiya was shelled, but not that it’s been occupied, and there’s no sense that Qadaffi’s troops are advancing past it.

The short of it is, when the bulk of the media agrees to go, we will go; I am not personally interested in sticking around past a point that is sensible. More soon.

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March 15th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

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  1. Yes dude. Im glad to know all this and of course I knew youd have things well in hand or as best as can be right now. Give a shout if you need rescue from the dutch military… – too soon?


    15 Mar 11 at 23:31

  2. Louis,

    Your plan sounds completely sensible and I am glad to see that you are on top of an exfil strategy. Having planned the rescue of people that were not on top of their exfil, I can say that guys like me out there really appreciate it.

    Be safe. Wish I was there with you.


    Shefaka Mostacks

    16 Mar 11 at 16:22

  3. I am so glad you posted some news.I was a bit on edge as” they” say that Benghazi was ready to fall.Keep the exit sign dans la ligne de tir… Bisous bisous.MOM..

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