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Sometimes I read something that makes me remeber what I’ve forgotten from my short trip to Congo, namely the nuance and complication of the situation. This is what makes advocacy so difficult, the lack of stark enimities, the diffuse dragging nature of the fight. Read this view of the Hutu rebels in the east that I’ve been talking about. They were too young to be genocidaires. They are rag-tag. Some fight for ideals, some fight for bread, some don’t remember what they’re doing there and would like to go home but are afraid… all of these guys joined various militia groups in the mid-and late nineties, and this is the ongoing fallout. And since there’s no law where they are the criminals among them go unpunished, and the population despises their predation…

Written by louis

May 31st, 2005 at 4:18 pm

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