Fatigue du "Systeme D"

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This blog has slowed to a crawl, my friends, I know. What can I say… maybe my approach to it (the fireman/newswire approach) is wrong. There is so much to be said about the Congo, a mighty country with many tales untold. It’s a struggle to do justice to what I saw, what I know. This is just a little release valve for that weight I feel.

Marking Mobutu’s fall from Kin-la-belle (now, Kin-la-poubelle). The last decade in the DRC has been an unbelievable saga, human history on a grand scale. How isolated, how marginal, the story has been, but it’s a shattering story. The dictator’s fall. The whirlwind of war and armies of liberation that soured and grew corrupt. The genocide in Rwanda that sent its millions over the border like a curse. The camps. The refugees. The guerillas and madmen hidden in forests and mountains… finally, the unimaginable toll, the millions dead and dying for want of protection and basic medical care.

You need more than an article, more than a film, to capture this.

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May 20th, 2005 at 3:11 pm

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  1. You are doing your part Louis in regards to helping the people of the eastern D.R.C. get their stories told.

    You are a (young) documentary filmmaker and not a full-time journalist or writer, so don’t feel bad about not posting to your blog everyday or every week. Get that film/video finished and into the hands of a distributor, sponsor, or at least get a “director’s cut” on the web so that we (your blogger buddies) and others can see your work.

    I for one appreciate your efforts in the Blogosphere and I am sure I am not alone. So good luck and keep on truckin’ Dude. (You might have to get your parents to translate that last sentence…:-)

    By the way, that URL link to the L.A. Times article is dead. I guess they are gonna start charging money for access to archived content like the N.Y. Times et. al. That would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?

    Black River Eagle

    3 Jun 05 at 15:38

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