Some Rare Good News

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I am relieved to be able to report some progress towards quelling the violence of the Ituri/Kivu region of east Congo.

The Hutu exiles are, in their official capacity, negotiating, and have made a shocking concession to representatives of Congo’s government: they will lay down their arms (BBC).

The ex-Interhamwe FDLR, the group in question here, is unfortunately just one faction of many. But this is a crucial breakthrough. If Rwanda accepts that this is a good-faith agreement, Kagame has essentially lost his cover for intervening over the border in Congo. It remains to be seen whether the lure of resources and profit will spur him to make up some new excuse; this is the moment that will prove who is right about Rwanda’s motives in Congo.

As the deadline for disarmament approaches in Ituri, the UN seems to be making some progress: Child Soldiers Give Up Arms (BBC).

This story of the Congo has its spikes of hope and despair, but as always you can only hope for the best. I’m somewhat amused, though, to see that it’s still a place my government says I should never have gone. Just a point of personal pride, is all.

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March 31st, 2005 at 8:13 pm

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