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As things don’t get better in Congo, it starts to seem futile to cover every dark turn to the story. I could be accused of a morbid fascination with suffering, and I know the media often is, but sometimes something jumps out at you that you can’t ignore for being too sensational. In east Congo, the sensational is real, is common. Take a look at this, if you have the heart, from the MONUC news agency (it got picked up here and there in newspapers).

Cannibalism in DR Congo: Zainabo’s agony

Also, there was a great piece in the Times (sorry to plug the Times, but it’s my favorite paper, and also I work for them as a news assistant, a.k.a. a clerk or “copy boy”) that gives a general perspective of what’s at stake in Congo, and why it deserves more attention from the world.

Beyond the Bullets and Blades, by Marc Lacey

Check out the well executed sidebar graphics.

You know, the militias in east Congo don’t have tanks or artillery. Just small arms, machetes, and the occasional grenade or RPG. 50,000 troops (maybe from countries with a bit more resources to spare than Nepal or Bangladesh, who are there now) could secure the place. I doubt it would cost a billion a week like a certain ongoing counterinsurgency. [[Actually, it seems from the reports of the recent UN skirmishes in Ituri that some militias indeed have artillery, and a fine command/deployment structure; so they are not to be taken lightly. All the more reason to beef up the MONUC beyond its current overstreched capacity.–ed]]

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March 21st, 2005 at 5:28 pm

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