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Birthday blowout!

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Dr. Jo is back from Kinshasa. He’s now a senator in the Congolese parliament, and they are drafting a new constitution. He’s also a man of profoundly skewed sensibilities who enjoys beginning stories of horrific trauma witnessed and healed by saying “now this is a very funny thing…” In any case, now I am learning Maji-maji guerilla marching songs during the morning jog. (Maji-maji=magic water, the kind that makes you invulnerable to bullets. They are a terror in the rural areas.) Jo’s father was adopted by american missionaries and became one of congo’s first surgeons. So Jo was bred to be a doctor, and he’s very good one and well known in the region. The programs they’ve started here in Goma for rape victims are set to be expanded into other areas of the eastern congo, places like Maniema province which lack any medical infrastructure whatsoever. Jo says people there are so poor there they lack even rags for clothes, and will be ecstatic if you give them salt as a gift.

Jo’s cook, Kitsu, who makes us huge meals every day, made me the biggest birthday cake I’ve ever had last night: it was a little strange, made of bread and vanilla cream and decorated with pretzels, but I was really moved by its size. I warn, though, that anti-malarial drugs and Primus beer, when mixed with cake and chicken, produces vivid nightmares AND explosive diarreah– just so you know.

I’m staying up all night to watch the effing election… my faith is with the infantry in Ohio! I know who I will thank for victory, when it comes. I am with you in spirit. You will all get cabinet positions in a Kerry administration; some of you will prefer the government pot/Alexandra Kerry gift package. It’s your choice.

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November 2nd, 2004 at 11:57 am

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